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Application Template

Post  Glarthlar on Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:27 am

This is the application template! For you to become a member, you must fill this out and make a new thread with this filled out application form in it, and then post the thread. Your application will be reviewed by the officer staff. If you have been accepted, your account will be approved and the correct groups applied, however should you be declined your account will be removed. Keep an eye on your application and follow the instructions given in the message should you be accepted, good luck!

In-Game Name:
Steam Community Name:
Timezone (GMT +/-):
Who Recruited You?:
Can you speak and understand English to about an intermediate degree?
Have you previously been involved in any other NW or N&S regiments? If so, please state which:
Are you able to make our weekly events most of the time?:

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