Regiment Rank system

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Regiment Rank system

Post  Glarthlar on Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:49 am

In the 8th Alabama, you are expected to be active, mature and well disciplined. In order for you to be able to advance up the ranks, you must show that you are capable of following orders, making constructive suggestions and have a good ability at the game. It is also preferred if you are active on TaleWorlds and on Steam, but most important is overall activity within the regiment. The co-founders of the regiment will always hold the highest ranks in the hierarchy and you should follow the examples they set: they will always be mature and well behaved, you must follow in their footsteps in order to go far. Do not troll, make the regiment proud! In charge of the regiment at the moment is a Captain, aided by a Lieutenant and a Sergeant Major.

* * *

Leader of the Company

First Lieutenant
2nd in Command
Second Lieutenant
Head Administrator

Sergeant Major
Leads a Platoon

First Sergeant
2nd in Command of a Platoon

Responsible for Discipline

No Specific Role - Distinguished Soldier

Backbone of the Regiment

Plays Music

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